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Strategic Rewards Group offers over 30 standard Country Remuneration Profiles (CRP) carefully designed to provide a broad and deep review of statutory and company sponsored remuneration programs, major employment conditions, and taxation. We are available to provide additional information as well as to explain the data contained in the reports.

The CRPs follow a consistent format that is easy to use and written to help you become more fluent in assessing your organization’s country specific Human Capital requirements.

We also create CRPs for most other countries based on your specific needs, and are able to provide the CRPs at the country level or customize them to provide comparative reviews of specific benefits across countries of your choice.

The standard report includes a country overview, benefits, and automobile practices, employment conditions, and employment taxes. The country overview provides a compensation and statutory benefit summary as well as geographic, political, and demographic information. The section on benefits provides a clear delineation of statutory and company sponsored benefits. The statutory benefits provides detailed information on healthcare, retirement, disability and death, maternity, unemployment and where applicable regulated social benefits. The section on supplemental benefits provides information on company sponsored healthcare and retirement plans, death and disability, vacations, holidays, other leaves of absence, and perquisites, including company-sponsored automobiles. The employment conditions aspect of the report provides the reader with information on notice periods, termination indemnities, and conditions for severance. The section on employment taxes contains information on income, and social security tax liabilities and respective tax rates and provides data on social security totalization agreements.
SRG’s 2009-10 Merit & Inflation survey is available to clients and friends without charge. The survey report covers 71 country locations for general sectors (all) from the input of over 7,000 participants. Since 1994 survey has been conducted annually for World at Work.
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